Kitchen Design Mistakes To Avoid

Designing a kitchen is no easy task. A brand new kitchen takes careful planning, time and money. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of building a beautiful new space, but that shouldn’t stop you from researching all of the necessary details before you move forward.

Homeowners who’ve been in this unfortunate situation dished out some of the biggest kitchen design blunders they’ve experienced as to help you avoid the same errors in the future. Given that any kitchen remodel or build is an investment, it’s critical to know what design mistakes to avoid

1. Forgetting about Functionality

Functionality should be at the forefront of your kitchen design. The kitchen work triangle is definitely something you want to keep in mind as you plan. This triangle is defined as the busiest areas in the kitchen including the sink, stove and refrigerator. You want to make sure these key appliances are in an efficient location that are relevant to one another and not floating off in space.

2. Minimal Counter Space

Not having enough counter space is a huge gripe for anyone who cut corners or didn’t think they needed it. Yes, nice countertops will cost you money, but it’s an important aspect of the overall kitchen design. Having enough space to cook, entertain and place groceries are just a few instances where counter space will be important. More counter space isn’t a feature that’s easy to change or add on, so it’s worth giving it careful thought before you start the installation process.

3. Going at it Alone

You may watch a lot of remodeling and DIY TV shows, but that doesn’t mean you have the required skills or expertise to design and build your own kitchen. Unless you’re an industry professional, it’s not recommended you got at it alone.

Get estimates from multiple kitchen remodeling pros and consult with a kitchen design expert. These meetings may interrupt your schedule, but this preparation time is time well spent. You’ll be less stressed during the construction phase and have less regrets when it’s time to view the finished product.

4. Blowing Your budget

As I previously stated, designing a kitchen is fun because you get a brand new space to decorate and personalize. If you like to spend time in the kitchen and cook, then it’s one of the best gifts you can give yourself. The budget is the most important part of this project because it should guide all your decisions.

You should document and plan out your budget before stepping foot in a store or speaking with a pro. Knowing what you can afford and sticking to your calculated numbers is difficult to do, but it’s an extremely smart move. Otherwise, it can turn into a snowball effect where you slowly start going over budget a bit here and there and before you know it, you’re broke. Be careful, keep calm and stick to the plan

5. Dismissing the Future

Trends and personal preferences have the tendency to throw us off our game and influence us to make decisions based off of what’s hot at the present moment. It’s highly recommended you design with the future in mind and not let yourself be swayed by what you loved years ago.

Oftentimes, homeowners forget to keep in mind that designing a new kitchen is an upgrade. It’s an investment and necessary to keep up with the times so that you can sell your house one day, and hopefully, make some or all of your money back